20th December 2017
20th Dec 2017

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In 2013, Thomas Blaabjerg was involved in a serious accident which left him in a wheel chair. They told him he would never climb again. Five years later Thomas is back climbing, training doing what he loves best. Even though he needs crutches to walk he set his sights on a world renowned problem in Magic Wood, 'The Never Ending Story' 8B+. It will be the toughest climbing grade of his career to date, against all odds Thomas is ready... Inspired to go bouldering, check out some gear here. Never Give Up: Shattered Heel To Climbing 8B+

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Mikkel Lima

2 episodes Latest 20th Dec 2017
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I have been making videos for the past five years. It all started with my old Canon D60 which I brought on all of my climbing trips. My first videos were really bad, mostly showing shaky footage of the climbers topping out in super high speed. Through out the years I slowly improved my skills, and finally started working as a professional videographer two years ago. I have been shooting all kinds of video since then, working with everything from clothing companies to doing short videos of obstacle runs. Though, my love has always been for the sport of climbing and each year I try to find a few really cool projects to work on, like our recent video with Ryuichi Murai.

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