27th July 2017
27th Jul 2017

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When Ryuichi Murai headed to Magic Wood he was clearly on a mission. Despite the rain, he had an incredible trip, with a tick list comprising of some of the hardest boulders in the forest. As well as climbing hard, he also climbed quickly, sending most of the 8b problems after only a couple of tries. Filmmaker Mikkel Lima was there to capture all of the action alongside videographer and drone pilot Camilla Hylleberg. Ryuichi's Tick list: In search of time lost 8C/V15 Practice of the wild 8C/V15 Remembrance of things past 8B+/V14 Never ending story 8B+/V14 Ill Thrill 8B+/V14 Riverbed 8B/V13 One summer in paradise 8B/V13 Steppenwolf 8B/V13 High Spirit 8A+/B The bizarre ride 8A+ Massive Attack 8A+ Sofasurfer 8A/A+ Nothing Changes 8A Voigas 8A Muttertag 8A Foxy Dyno 8A Piranha 7C+ Hohenzone 7C Ryuichi Murai Destroys Magic Wood's Hardest Boulders

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Mikkel Lima

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I have been making videos for the past five years. It all started with my old Canon D60 which I brought on all of my climbing trips. My first videos were really bad, mostly showing shaky footage of the climbers topping out in super high speed. Through out the years I slowly improved my skills, and finally started working as a professional videographer two years ago. I have been shooting all kinds of video since then, working with everything from clothing companies to doing short videos of obstacle runs. Though, my love has always been for the sport of climbing and each year I try to find a few really cool projects to work on, like our recent video with Ryuichi Murai.

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