30th December 2013
30th Dec 2013

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Watching the unconceivable become reality - that's the rush. Wingsuit flying off a new exit is an exciting and unreal experience, and that's what this group of wingsuit pilots is after... Sean Leary, Jeff Shapiro, and Charley Kurlinkus travel to the USA's Pacific Northwest in search of new wingsuit flights. The trio finds a treasure hidden in the forested hills, and after a bit of research and hiking, Sean, Charley and Jeff make the first flight from one of North America's biggest jumps. First Ever BASE Jump & Wingsuit Off Washington Cliff | Mountain Flying USA with Sean Leary, Ep. 2

Series description

Mountain Flying USA with Sean Leary

Mountain Flying USA with Sean Leary

5 episodes Latest 24th Mar 2014

Wingsuit Base jumping in America is experiencing a revolution. Until recently, wingsuit base jumpers required massive overhanging cliffs with lots of room to fly away. In the USA those big walls are mostly in national parks where jumping is prohibited. Recent advances in wing suit design, technique, and pilot skill have opened the doors to possibility. Now, a small crag atop a big hill combined with a little imagination and a thirst for adventure is a perfect recipe for human flight. Watch as the sport of wing suit flying in the USA is reborn outside of national parks. Join pilots Charley Kurlinkus, Sean Leary, and Jeff Shapiro in their quest for new & legal wing suit base jumps across North America.

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