23rd May 2018
23rd May 2018
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Beal Joker - 9.1mm Unicore Dry Cover
149.95 € 167.00 €
Beal Joker - 9.1mm Unicore Dry Cover
174.95 € 194.00 €
Beal DynaClip
15.95 € 16.70 €
Beal Be Safe Screw
10.00 €
Beal Joker - 9.1mm Unicore Dry Cover
196.95 € 223.00 €
This week’s Pick of the Week is the Beal Joker 9.1mm Dry Cover. An ultralight rope designed for experienced climbers looking for lightness and speed in a multi-purpose package. At 9.1 mm, this is a specialised skinny rope that’s perfect for hard alpine and sport routes, or for climbers seeking a multipurpose triple-rated rope that they can use for everything. The Joker features Beal’s Unicore and Dry Cover technologies to increase its durability, weather-resistance, and safety, as well as making it easier to handle. Check it out at the EpicTV Shop here.

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