31st March 2017
31st Mar 2017
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Beal Zest Quickdraw
10.50 € 10.90 €
Beal Pulp Quickdraw 11cm
9.90 € 9.99 €
Beal Joker 9.1mm UNICORE Golden Dry
180.95 € 238.00 €
With summer on the way it is time to update that sports rack, and we love these new draws. First up, the Beal Zest quickdraw. Available in 11cm and 17cm lengths, these stand out for their durable construction and easy handling, and come in some great colours. The draws feature two of Beal’s high quality carabiners: The ‘Star-gate’ at the bold-end has a super durable straight gate and keylock nose, making it ideal for easy use during single-pitch or longer multi-pitch climbs. The rope end has the Cosmo Wire ‘biner, which feels good to hold thanks to its ergonomic shape and has a ‘Rubbiner’ piece that stiffens the sling, helping to prevent the quickdraw from rotating, and potentially flicking the rope out of the draw. Weighing only 95g for the 11cm and 101g for 17cm, these are light and versatile for single or multi-pitch climbing and can be taken up a trad route without weighing you down. If you want something even lighter, then the Pulp is also a great choice. Again, the fluorescent orange means it stands out at the crag, and at only 90g, you will barely feel it on your harness. Like the Zest, this also has the ‘Cosmo Wire’ with the ‘Rubbiner’ piece, making clipping stress free.The Pulp has the ‘Space Wire’ gate carabiner on the bolt-end, keeping the weight down, but ensuring clipping is still easy. Check them out at the EpicTV Shop here.

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