23rd December 2013
23rd Dec 2013

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From Nine Knights straight over to SRAM's Backyard Jam for Best Trick and the Pump Track Challenge! No rest for the wicked... Early morning after Nine Knights we went out to the opening of SRAM's backyard. It took us 6 and a half hours to get down there. Luckily we made it in time for the Best Trick and the Pump Track Challenge. Mountain bikers Timo Pritzel and Xavier 'Sherwy' Pasamonte did not compete in Best Trick because they were so tired from the drive, but they woke up for Pump Track Challenge with Timo getting 2nd place. It rained during the night and the next day in the morning it was too windy to ride the MTB jumps there so Timo and Sherwy had a bit of fun on the pumptrack. We also got a short tour around SRAM's HQ. Despite the long drive it was still good times. Director: Dmitri Shushuyev Video Producer: Dmitri Shushuyev Athletes: Timo Pritzel, Xavier 'Sherwy' Pasamonte, Amir Kabbani and more SRAM Backyard Jam, Best Trick & Pump Track Challenge | RAW Season 2, Ep. 5

Series description

RAW season 2

7 episodes Latest 8th Jan 2014

In this second season of Scott Bikes’ RAW series, director/filmer/editor Dmitri Shushuyev follows the Scott Voltage Team riders at numerous awesome places and events. Viewers will follow Timo Pritzel and Xavier “Sherwy” Pasamonte on the contest circuit as well as catch up with Nico Vink & his dog! In the rainy Chatel we'll meet the other team riders from all over Europe. It's a good mix of friends having fun on their bikes. Shelby Smith will show you what happened to Peter Henke in the States while riding the biggest FMB World Tour events and having fun in between! Experience some of the difficulties, fun, all kinds of weather, and the good times that happened along the way while witnessing an incredible level of riding. Why RAW? Because we show it how it is. We love riding our bikes and I feel the following sentence says it all: MY BIKE HAS TAKEN ME PLACES SCHOOL NEVER COULD!

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