10th July 2014
10th Jul 2014

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Scotty Bob and Jeff Shapiro are out in the American West flying a new exit called the Black Bear Line. It might not be the longest flight but it includes some incredibly close shaves with the mountain - including a little rocky outcropping that Scotty Bob gets so close to he can almost high-five the ground photographer perched on it. Its rare to see a wingsuit flight in which pilot and photog are captured side by side. It's Time To Buzz The Photog - Wingsuit Top Guns Do A Fly-By With A Twist | Scotty Bob Presents: New World Aviators, Ep. 2

Series description

Scotty Bob Presents: New World Aviators

2 episodes Latest 10th Jul 2014

In the modern world of über-glorified adventure sports it’s important not to forget one simple fact: This stuff is silly and that’s okay: embrace chaos and enjoy a wild ride into the world of American BASE jumping with the New World Aviators, a crew of crack jumpers on the search for anything tall enough to jump off and still have time to open a parachute. In this series they will explore new flyable terrain from the deserts of the Southwest to the forests of Washington State. Oh, and please excuse them if they don’t take things too seriously.

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