13th August 2015
13th Aug 2015

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Follow Andrew Taylor as he journeys half way around the world to take part in the first ever Redbull Skygate Mountain race in Zhangjiajie China. With it being a first time event riders along with event organizers had no idea what the outcome would be and after the first runs the riders found out the were in for one hell of a ride. With fast speeds and nearly no way to stop injuries began popping up left and right leaving riders on their toes. 999 Steps To Hell Down Skygate Mountain | Seasons of Shred with Andrew Taylor & Niki Leitner, Ep. 7

Series description

Seasons of Shred with Andrew Taylor & Niki Leitner

Seasons of Shred with Andrew Taylor & Niki Leitner

13 episodes Latest 14th Dec 2015

Seasons of Shred is a series following Andrew Taylor, Niki Leitner and friends as they travel the globe in search of the best freeride mountain bike terrain. Africa, Berlin, New Zealand, Austria, Japan, California Italy and Peru – the backgrounds change, but Andrew and Niki’s commitment to seeking out the finest lines and meeting the best riders is unwavering. Each episode takes you inside a new point on the map by focusing on the terrain, the riders, and the scene that make freeride mountain bike culture so special.

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