08th October 2014
08th Oct 2014

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A quick recipe for awesomeness: Take two speed riders, set them loose in Les Arcs and Val d'Isere, give them each a camera, and have them film each other as they plunge down mountainsides like eagles strapped to skis. The key ingredients in this recipe are Francois Bon and Maxence Cavalcade, two of France's most renowned speed riders. Sweet mother of Mary these gentlemen know how to live. If their dual kite loops at 1:25 don't make your heart flutter you should probably check your pulse. If they keep this up no one is going to want to actually ski the Tarentaise Valley anymore, they'll be too busy getting airborne. The Aerial Antics of These Speed Riders Will Make Your Day | Slide Assembly, Ep. 1

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Slide Assembly

Slide Assembly

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Slide Assembly is all about rediscovering a love for winter through the eyes of those with a unique passion - skiing, paragliding and speedriding. Join the Slide Assembly crew up high in the mountains as they fly, ski and ride in some of the most spectacular locations around the Alps. So buckle up, get ready and enjoy the ride....

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