10th June 2014
10th Jun 2014

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Seven countries and 8,000 miles later we finally arrive at our end destination, the Southern coast of Portugal. Our two athletes represented here in this video showcase very different ends of the surfing sphere, with the graceful longboard surfing skills of Andrea Molina Torn counterbalanced with the power-based short board approach of the hard-charging Eric Rebiere. Just like the full European experience, we end with this diverse mix of gender and surf styles, and nothing feels more appropriate. We were also very fortunate to have the amazing Frankie Chavez from Lisbon perform the soundtrack for us, which he did on a 12-string Portuguese Guitarra. Surfer and filmmaker Mikey Corker has this to say on the journey, "The West coast of Europe is amazing. As we traveled through the various regions that made up the different episodes, we realised just how diverse the West coast of the European continent actually is. "The geography, the cultures, languages, food, everything. I think what is more important though, is what the similarities to be found were, especially within the local surfing communities we were fortunate enough to spend time with. No matter what language everyone speaks, or what kind of upbringing they had, as a surfer the universal languages of respect and stoke are always going to be understood, no matter whether you grew up on a beach, a strand, a playa or a praia." Surf the Southern Coast of Portugal, End of the Road | Southbound, Ep. 6

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Southbound - The European continent is so vastly varied and different, and what we set out to document in this journey beginning deep in the Arctic circle, and ending down south in the hot and dusty stretches of the Algarve, is the diverse and interesting pockets that combine to represent a larger European surfing experience. We hope to use imagery and sounds to give the viewer a good taste of what it is like to be a surfer in the various different areas we explore, and probably more importantly, we hope to show that surfing is a great connector of cultures, and even if we speak different languages and have grown up with different beliefs, as surfers we still share the same stoke that got us hooked in the first place.

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