05th February 2014
05th Feb 2014

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To be honest, we were secretly hoping Eric Hörst would be more Joe Jackson than Ward Cleaver, but it appears that the home life of one of the strongest climbing families in the world is pretty idyllic. After getting to know Papa Hörst and the Baby Hörsts in the previous episodes, we are now treated to a look inside the Hörst compound in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It may be Amish Country, but this is a pretty plush pad -- running water, electric lights, you name it. We also get to meet Mama Hörst, (aka, Lisa) an LPGA Golfer and supportive climbing mom. What they all seem to share is a love of the outdoors that is frankly, very sweet to witness. The Family that Climbs Together Gets Buff Together | The Hörsts - A Climbing Family, Ep. 4

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The Hörsts - A Climbing Family

The Hörsts - A Climbing Family

5 episodes Latest 5th Feb 2014

There are plenty of famous families around these days - The Osbornes, The Kardashians, The Brady Bunch and The Waltons are all household names but now there's a new family on the block. It's time to meet The Horsts. This is a family with one massive love for climbing and a dedication to their sport that defies belief. Father Eric is the brains and brawn behind the infamous 'Training for Climbing' guides so it's no surprise that his sons are pretty immense climbers in their own right. But just how immense can a 10 and 12 year old be? Prepare to be humbled, amazed and a little bit jealous - these little vertical dudes can climb 5.14 and have six packs to rival The Hulk! Come join them in the intensive training camp that they call 'home'.

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