17th January 2014
17th Jan 2014

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What is the secret to raising a happy and successful youth athlete? Should you push them to their limits and hope they thank you for it later or sit back and let them develop at their own pace? Eric Hörst took a cautious route with his oldest son, Cameron, and it paid off. By age 11 Cameron had climbed his first 5.14, which is a professional grade of difficulty that the vast majority of climbers never even contemplate. But things are more complicated when Cameron, now 12, comes upon the route Dead Souls, a nasty 5.14er in the American Fork Canyon in Utah. It's short and steep and requires Cameron to skip a bolt at a key section, all of which add up to a real threat of him hitting the ground if he falls. As his whips get sketchier Eric has to step in and figure out how to let his son keep climbing without risking his well-being. It takes some serious father/son teamwork to eventually open the route. Keeping Your Son Safe as He Climbs Insanely Difficult Routes | The Hörsts - A Climbing Family, Ep. 2

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The Hörsts - A Climbing Family

The Hörsts - A Climbing Family

5 episodes Latest 5th Feb 2014

There are plenty of famous families around these days - The Osbornes, The Kardashians, The Brady Bunch and The Waltons are all household names but now there's a new family on the block. It's time to meet The Horsts. This is a family with one massive love for climbing and a dedication to their sport that defies belief. Father Eric is the brains and brawn behind the infamous 'Training for Climbing' guides so it's no surprise that his sons are pretty immense climbers in their own right. But just how immense can a 10 and 12 year old be? Prepare to be humbled, amazed and a little bit jealous - these little vertical dudes can climb 5.14 and have six packs to rival The Hulk! Come join them in the intensive training camp that they call 'home'.

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