20th March 2015
20th Mar 2015

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This week's episode comes straight out of the 'don't try this at home' files. Horacio Llorens and Tim Alongi are practicing a synchro acro trick that is a mix between a James Bond stunt and some old school surfing. It involves standing on TOP of your partner's paraglider and and 'surfing' it as you both float thousands of feet off the ground. It takes a mix of balance, wing control, and guts of steel, all of which the two flyboys filming this video have in spades. Ride along with them and try to remember to breath. Surfing On TOP Of A Paraglider With Horacio Llorens and Tim Alongi | Trick of the Week, Ep. 5

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Trick of the Week

Trick of the Week

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After Trick of the week Season 1 ( Paragliding Acro World Champion, Horacio Llorens, is inviting the young Tim Alongi to come help him show off some of the world's most incredible airborne maneuvers. Tune in every week for another insane trick complete with various angles, explanations, and walk-throughs.

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