25th November 2015
25th Nov 2015
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When we take a step back and are honest with ourselves. Ski competitions are fairly boring events. Trying to take the 'free' aspect of 'freeskiing' and fit it into a set venue, time limit, and judging criteria really sucks a good bit of the fun out of why we bother to do the damn thing in the first place. So this Winter when the UBC Freeride crew caught wind of Collegiate Freeride Series rolling through North America, the though was 'Hell Yes', but also 'Our Way'. Luckily our way included training not only how to ride hard but also how to make sure they could party during the entire process. Not only how to compete as a team, but also have so much fun along the way that nearly every other team was engulfed into the madness that was produced. The final result? Aside from the debauchery, shenanigans, brown-out level riding, and re-defining of what a freeride competition could be. You'll just have to watch and find out.

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Under The Weather - Goes to College - Season 2

Under The Weather - Goes to College - Season 2

5 episodes Latest 25th Nov 2015

After years of Ski bumming, the Under The Weather crew is getting edumacated and going to college. Doesn't mean they're forsaking the freeski life though. If anything the parties will the wilder, the backcountry riding sicker and the interviews, well, they're getting there with the interviews. Buckle up for another season of backcountry bangers and hilarious hijinks from the rawest crew out of Whistler, BC.

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