Adidas Eyewear - From Dust Till Town (full movie)

10th June 2015
10th Jun 2015
British Columbia. Three mountain bikers. Four epic days of riding. Life is good. From arid landscapes and steep drop-offs to lush forests and twisty singletracks, British Columbia is home to some of the best cross-country, downhill, and freeriding on the planet. Cyclists from around the globe travel to BC for its renown trails and bike culture, hoping to stumble across local riders willing to share their coveted network of trails and hidden gems. When Joe Barnes ventured to Canada, het met up with legendary BC mountain bikers Darren Berrecloth and Geoff Gulevich. Together, they did what they simply do best – which is to ride their bikes – starting on the streets of Vancouver, all the way to the dusty trails of Kamloops and back again – from dust till town.

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