Arc'teryx - Commit: Theoretical Objective

07th January 2016
07th Jan 2016
"The realization it was no longer a ski mission was disheartening. We were deep in the central coast mountains of BC to film a video piece with my sponsor of an attempt to climb and ski the line of my dreams. The plan I had so confidently pitched to the marketing crew in charge had completely fallen apart. How was it I had gotten myself into this situation? Filming with high production value, successfully, in the big mountains requires either large amounts of money or a lot of luck. Before my career as a professional athlete took off, I supported my climbing habit by working for mainstream film and television. The experience was hard on my soul, but it proved invaluable when it came time to produce my own short film projects. I know I sound naive, like the drunk guy at the party who swears to everyone he is dead sober, but is so clearly drunk to all (but himself). I was convinced my experience would allow me to wrap my head around the many moving parts of this shoot. There's a first time for everything, however. I know we all came away having learned a lot..." -Jason Kruk

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