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ASICS – Outrun The Sun

08th January 2015
08th Jan 2015
On the longest day of the year in 2014, ASICS hosted a world-first trail challenge. Two relay teams of runners attempted to ‘Outrun The Sun’ around Mont Blanc – Western Europe’s highest peak. Outrun the Sun started and finished in EpicTV’s home town of Chamonix, covering 152km of mountainous terrain, with the athletes climbing 8,450 metres of crippling ascent through France, Italy and Switzerland. This unique documentary follows the trials and tribulations of each athlete as they embark on the toughest challenge of their careers. It captures every last moment of blood, sweat and tears. Watch the FULL DOCUMENTARY here: http://youtu.be/I5-iWTAYgZU ASICS – Outrun The Sun | EpicTV Choice Cuts

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