Mammoth - Lonnie Kauk Returns to Mammoth Main Park

27th April 2015
27th Apr 2015
Want to make a stellar snowboarding park edit? It's really not that hard... Step 1, grab a GoPro. Step 2, go to the ski hill. Step 3, chase around a world-class rock-climber. Well, yes, in this case Lonnie Kauk. Up til just recently, Lonnie Kauk, a Mammoth Mountain snowboard legend, has been MIA. With massive, perfectly crafted jumps in the Mammoth Unbound Main Park and no Lonnie to be found something seemed truly amiss. In reality, yes, Lonnie was MIA, a man-in-action... More like a man on a mission, if you ask those in the know. Lonnie was not on the Mammoth scene because he was busy making waves in the world of solo rock climbing. Going from one mind-blowing climb to the next Lonnie was virtually unstoppable. We're talking 500', 5 pitch 11b, with no ropes! To those in the know, that's nearly unheard of... For the rest of us it's simply superhuman. Which brings us to now... To answer the question, where does Lonnie stop? Well, where climbing is concerned there isn't much that "stops" Lonnie... But, there is something that gives Lonnie cause for a pause from rock climbing, and that's snowboarding. And as you can see here, Lonnie has a solid handle on that as well. With only a dozen or so days of riding under his belt thus far this season you would be hard pressed to know otherwise. So there you have it: Grab a GoPro (yes, this was shot 100% with a Hero3+ GoPro), get to the hill, find a legendary rock climber... And, presto, awesome snowboard park video is yours!

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