Mammoth - Unbound Show

27th April 2015
27th Apr 2015
There are many things that distinguish Mammoth Mountain, CA from other ski areas around the world... Chair 6, Thunderbound Express is high on the list of standout attractions that sets Mammoth apart. Want to be seen or simply see a constant barrage of jaw-dropping athletic feats? There is surely no better place for that on the mountain than the "comforts" of Mammoth's Chair 6. Chair 6, Thunderbound Express carries you right over top of Mammoth's advanced/expert level Main Terrain Park, thus affording you an exceptional view of some of the world's top snowboard and freeskiing athletes, busy at work, perfecting tomorrow's latest, greatest tricks. Highlighted in this video are the talents and original styles of Parker White, Nick Miles and Scotty Donahue. Having made the migration years ago, by way of the East Coast, all 3 have undoubtedly helped to transform Mammoth into an arena known for showcasing top-level on-snow athleticism. As displayed here, half a day of hot-lapping Chair 6 with this crew proves no exception.

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