Petzl - RAD SYSTEM - Ski rescue kit - Featuring Xavier de le Rue & Tony Lamiche

11th January 2016
11th Jan 2016
Petzl RAD SYSTEM : the indispensable safety kit for skiing on a glacier. Usually, skiing on glacial terrain is done without tying in. So that each skier always has in his pack the equipment necessary for rescuing a partner, performing an unexpected rappel or crossing a crevasse zone, Petzl has created the RAD SYSTEM. An innovative kit that ensures safety in ski mountaineering, the result of years of research and experimentation. Weighing only 1045 g and occupying less than 4 liters of volume (compared to more than double that for classic equipment), it is an essential component to keep in the pack for any outing. In this video, Petzl team athletes Tony Lamiche & Xavier de le Rue introduce the RAD SYSTEM concept.

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