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Protest To Get There

22nd July 2015
22nd Jul 2015
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PROTEST TO GET THERE If you have been there, there is no way back. It’s what puts you to bed at night and wakes you up in the morning. It makes your heart speed up. Slow down. Stop. And continue. Continue when others say stop. You’ll fall, crash, get hurt, but you’ll never regret. Because you know that there is no way back, when you’ve got what it takes. The spirit to get there. There is no way back, when you've got what it takes. The spirit to get there. New edit from Mentawai just dropped! http://bit.ly/protesttogetthere #protestsportswear #togetthere — with Yannick De Jager, Tristan Guilbaud, Jatyr Berasaluce, Larsonneur Gaspard and Oli Adams at Mentawai Island.

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Kiv123's picture
The quality of the images and the performing stunts in this vid are just a beauty !
Jul 24th 2015
Fraser Pitkethly's picture
We need to see more of these really well shot and using th
Jul 23rd 2015
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