SYRP - Magic Carpet - Camera Slider + Motion Control

08th June 2015
08th Jun 2015
The Magic Carpet is a simple, portable solution for obtaining buttery smooth tracking slider shots. Designed with a full roller-bearing carriage and quick-release levers the Magic Carpet ensures your time on-location is well spent creating amazing footage rather than dealing with the technical setup of your shoot. The Magic Carpet also comes motion control ready by simply adding the Genie ( to the track you are setup to film smooth motion control time-lapse or real-time video. Either choose from a Short Track (2.6 Feet / 800mm) or a Long Track (5.2 Feet / 1600mm). It's universal design means you can easily add another length track to your kit and use the same carriage + end caps giving you the flexibility of longer camera movements and portability in one package.

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