Vaude - An Intense Freeride Adventure On The Haute Route

18th February 2015
18th Feb 2015
The Haute Route is one of the most famous ski tours in the world. As the highest and one of the longest traverses of the Alps the tour links two outstanding alpine centers - Chamonix and Zermatt. A must-do for any committed skier or snowboarder - 120 KM distance and 12.000 meters in altitude are waiting for you. The Freireiter Crew and Vaude riders Andi Prielmaier, Berny Stoll, Ingolf Schmitt and filmer Nikolas Lutz took up the challenge to make this uber ski tour memorable. They changed the classic route: their start is in Zermatt aiming for Mont Blanc, in the middle of the sublime Western Alps. Seven days of suffering, laughing, freezing and excitement. The crew is equipped with powder skis, splitboards, climbing hardware and – for pure freedom – a tent. Freezing temperatures, howling storms and high altitude bivies are just some of the features of this inspiring ski adventure. Further information about the Haute Route:

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