Whistler Blacckomb - The Beyond Series : Binding Obsessions

10th November 2014
10th Nov 2014
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Freeskiing couple Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson and Jen Ashton have personal styles as unique as Whistler is to Blackcomb. Individually, they’re shaped by resolute characteristics and an extraordinary history. Together, they operate as one, united by a mutual hub that embraces the values of Whistler culture, lifestyle and heritage. Watch the rest of the series – http:www.whistlerblackcomb.com/beyond Credits: - Produced by Switchback Entertainment - http://www.switchbackentertainment.com/ - Director: Jeff Thomas - Music: 'Truth', 'Into the Light', Distant Horizons feat. Bea' by Sizzlebird. Courtesy of Ot Bird - The Beyond Series was supported by a TELUS Optik Local Community Programming grant. A compilation of all four episodes is available for free on demand to TELUS Optik TV subscribers. For more information on TELUS Optik Local go to telus.com/optiklocal

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