A Classic Crack On Chamonix's Most Renowned Peak | Epic Climber, Teaser
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Photographer Adam Butterworth
APR 20th 2015
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A Classic Crack On Chamonix's Most Renowned Peak | Epic Climber, Teaser

The Aiguille du Midi may well be the most summited peak anywhere on the planet. Then again, the cable car to the top does also make it one of the easiest. However, for those who'd rather ignore the stairs leading from the lift station to the top, there are plenty of more challenging experiences to be had. The Midi is a nexus for all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts: from skiers who come to experience the most famous off-piste ski route in the world, the vallée blanche, to wingsuiters who take the journey up only to head straight back down at speed, and of course climbers. Not only does the Aiguille du Midi lift give incredible access to some of the finest alpine climbing anywhere on Earth, but the Midi itself may be climbed by a variety of routes. Hazel Findlay, pictured here, takes perhaps the most striking line to the summit, 'Enfer du Décor' (7b+/c). 

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