Following The Chalk | The Italian Climbing Files, Ep. 4
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Photographer Adam Butterworth
APR 8th 2015
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Following The Chalk | The Italian Climbing Files, Ep. 4

Stefano Ghisolfi sets out across one of the 'inverted bowl' roofs that are so characteristic of the Red River Gorge's steeper crags. Arriving as he did in the off-season, Stefano was forced to seek out ultra-steep lines that had succeeded in remaining dry despite the constant downpour that characterised his stay.

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Well, maybe a little more than most people would need. Between Stefano and his cameraman the trip requires not just the necessary sport climbing gear, but also camera equipment and the extra gear n...
Stefano Ghisolfi, just about to clip the chains on one of the Red River Gorge's most famous routes, 'Pure Imagination' (8c+/5.14c). The route was originally given the grade of 9a/5.14d and when Sas...
Aware that bad weather is on the way, Stefano Ghisolfi makes the most of the dry rock while he has it, working his projects late into the night by the light of his head torch.

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