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A typical representation of the Petrohrad style. Alex Gorham stretches to get his fingertips onto the next crimp of this slabby boulder problem.
The Macedonian bouldering area of Prilep only came to the attention of the rest of the climbing world a few short years ago, but since that time hundreds of routes have been established and the are...
Compression problems aren't everyone's idea of a good time, but Marcello Bombardi digs deep on this Levi Molinari test piece.
Limestone often doesn't get its due from the bouldering community but lines like this in the province of Asturias, Spain make a compelling argument that it can offer an experience equal to any othe...
Jimmy Webb marks out the complicated sequence of moves on his new boulder using his chalk to tick mark the rock. For this particular project he's also wearing odd shoes, a choice climbers sometimes...
Nalle Hukkataival lunges for the tick-marked finishing hold of his new Swaziland boulder. A relatively flat landing and stacked pads mean Nalle can get a little dynamic without too much worry. Not ...
The search for cutting edge boulder problems means finding new lines at the very limit of human ability. Nalle Hukkataival and Jimmy Webb survey a newly discovered boulder for a line of holds that ...
"We used to take black bin-liner bags with us," says English climbing legend Frank Cannings "So we could go for a swim and keep all of our gear dry." He never imagined climbers ...
Access points are one of the keys to any good deep water soloing crag. Neil Gresham throws out the rope for an exploratory rappel on one of Berry Head's trickier-to-reach routes.
This Swanage classic is only 6c but the top gets slabby and technical and it will send you for a swim just when you think you're safe.
Whenever a hard new line goes down in Rocky Mountain National Park, you can pretty much guarantee that filmmaker Sean Morgan is on hand to document the ascent. This is the kit he uses to get the jo...
Dave Graham mentally rehearses the crux moves of 'The Phoenix' (8B+/V14) ahead of his next attempt to climb the line.