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FilmmakerLukasz Warzecha snapped this well-timed shot looking back towards the crowd as one of the competitors splashed down just in front of him.
One of the great things about deep water soloing as a competition format is that whether the climbers succeed or fail, they're all coming down the same way; into the water. The comp wall itself was...
The competition drew spectators from the climbing community and beyond with many Exeter locals turning out to watch the event. With a clear format and dramatic consequences for failure, the competi...
The Aiguille du Midi is home to some of the most well-known routes in the Alps including the Frendo Spur and the world-famous cosmiques arête. In terms of rock routes however, arguably the most st...
The Aiguille du Midi is one of the world's more unusual mountain summits. Despite its precipitous position, the peak is home to a café, climbing museum, several viewing platforms and even a gift s...
On a clear day, the summit of the Aiguille du Midi offers views of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps not to mention the summit of Mont-Blanc. How many climbing destinations can make that claim?
EpicTV filmmaker Mateffy Istvan, positioned just to the side of the Cosmiquesarête, radios in to let the team know he's ready to shoot.
Perhaps the most memorable part of the day for everyone involved was watching Alex Megos climbing the route. Being unfamiliar with most conventional crack climbing techniques, Alex used every tool ...
Hazel walks Alex through the beta for her extremely technical stemming problem. Perhaps mirroring the strong, natural trad lines that Hazel is used to, the problem proved a stout challenge for the ...


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