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Alex adopts an unusual position as he attempts to puzzle out the crux moves of Hazel's problem which involved transferring a foot to the right-hand hold without barn-dooring or swinging wildly to t...
The Chamonix Climbing Wall is a small centre with little vertical space. As a result, it is mostly a bouldering-focussed centre, but the walls do contain regularly-spaced clips for those looking to...
The wall's premier training feature is its campus board, manufactured at the German climbing wall 'Campus' in Nuremberg. As Alex Megos was quick to point out "Just look at it, it has to be Ger...
By his own admission, Alex loves to train and the easy-power, so obvious in his climbing, is the product of many hours on campus boards and woodys.
As a crag, Rawyl is undeniably modern in style, lending itself to the pump-defying, wall-bred competition athlete of today. While Tommy is clearly no slouch in the sport climbing arena, many of his...
Alex Megos takes a break from redpoint attempts to belay Tommy on his project.
Alex moves his feet into position ahead of the route's crux dyno. The move proved to be a stopper for Alex who couldn't quite stick the finishing hold.
Alex heads back to the cars with the route unfinished. If he showed anything today however it's that he's not the type of climber to let something like this go and we're sure he'll be back again be...
If we'd just been driving four climbers to the crag, we probably wouldn't have needed two vans, but with photographers and filmmakers in tow, the extra space was a must. You think you take a lot of...
'Southern Comfort' (8b+/c) may be set in beautiful ocean-side surrounds, but the influence of Rio is never far away with planes and boats passing at regular intervals. Rio is Brazil's second larges...
As he lowers off after his first attempt, Felipe brushes the crux holds, endeavouring to make them as useful as possible for his next try. With the line as close as it is to the ocean, the potentia...
Felipe uses the raised position of the surrounding boulders to get a good look at the climbing in the upper section of the route.


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