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Drones are on the verge of revolutionising not just climbing footage, but filmmaking in general. While other action sports, and in particular surfing, have been early adopters of the technology, cl...
It wasn't exactly hard to find good angles in the boulder field, but the cameramen were always making sure to get as much of the backdrop as they could.
It just wouldn't be a day climbing with Alex Megos if there weren't some wild moves involved. Unsurprisingly, Alex picked out the hardest line of the day and climbed it in the most dynamic of style...
Photo Courtesy of:Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty
Hazel Findlay making short work of the final pitches of 'Le Concile de Pierre.'
After the initial easier pitches, Hazel Findlay and Alex Megos reach the start of the challenging climbing. Here Hazel sets off from the belay on the 7c+ third pitch.
After making his way through the roof section of 'Le Concile de Pierre,' Tommy Caldwell was faced with an unremittingly blank headwall. You can practically see the puzzlement in his face as he trie...
Tommy Caldwell sets off on the unchalked fourth pitch, searching out the useable holds from amongst the poor, dirty rock.
Emily Harrington searches for purchase on a tiny undercling mid-way through pitch 3 of 'Le Concile de Pierre'.
Here's the line that the route traces up the wall and through the imposing roof section. The fourth pitch starts with the crux dyno but continues with a sustained section of very technical climbing...
After beating Tommy Caldwell and Emily Harrington by climbing 'Le Concile De Pierre' with one less fall, Hazel Findlay and Alex Megos shake on the accomplishment. Alex and Hazel both have really dr...
Some things about climbing are the same whether you are one of the best in the world or just a regular old weekend warrior. The walk to the crag, full of excitement and anticipation about what's to...


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