Contact Sling 2015


Contact Sling 2015

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Contact Sling 2015
Contact Sling 2015
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For years the unbeatable Mammut® Contact Sling has proven itself as a universal and super-light webbing sling on the mountains and cliffs of the world. Very strong webbing combined with the unique contact stitching technique ensures optimum handling, even in the seam area of this high-end sling.

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Climbing Gear Geek
Aug 24th 2015
Hi Panu, Out of all regularly used pieces of climbing gear, slings are possibly the most likely to fail. You should check them regularly for signs of wear. If the material has become excessively fuzzy from frequent abrasion you should consider retiring it. If the sling has ever come in contact with any harsh chemicals like battery acid or petroleum based fuel you should also consider retiring it.... (more)

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