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14th Sep 2016

Butora Climbing Shoes

18th May 2016
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May 18th 2016
Here are 2 reviews to help you understand the benefits of the most comfortable, high performance shoe on the market. Hi, I'm just writing for a quick follow up to your last email, it's been over a month now with the new Butoras and I'm loving them even more than when I got them! They are a really high performance shoe that just keeps satisfying. The heel fits really well and is very trustworthy inside and out. I have climbed outside in the Butoras 3 different location already including Smith Rock, Bridge of the Gods in Washington, and Leavenworth in Washington twice already!... (more)

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First Trad rack

26th Apr 2016
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May 5th 2016
Ditto on the article, couple of changes though. You'll want to get around 10 draws as you'll be stitching routes with gear when you start out. Plus 3 or 4 screw gate HMS is better than the 2 they recommend just because there always useful and depending how you are taught certain things you will need more than 2.

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Mar 29th 2016
The best advice I can give you is to try on as many climbing shoes as you can before you buy a pair. Look for a shoe that fits your foot tightly without any dead spaces but without causing discomfort. I recommend a "all round" climbing shoe not to aggressive but gives you confidence to climb more technical routes. This is the middle of the range shoe which is not marketed for "beginners" or the top model with anti-gravity rubber. My picks are the Anasazi VCS, Scarpa Vapor V and the La Sportiva Miura. I hope this advice helps you an please let me know what you decide.

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E9 clothes...thoughts?

25th Mar 2016


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