How To Train Climbing Power Endurance on a Fingerboard

15th January 2020
15th Jan 2020

Training power endurance is one of the most important climbing specific sessions that you will do when entering the peak portion of your training/climbing season as a route climber (or if you're a boulderer doing super long problems or traverses!). For many of us, time and access to the best facilities can sometimes be a struggle, so when we're struggling to get on a climbing surface there's the potential to have an extremely effective power endurance workout on a fingerboard. Like all climbing training sessions, you want to only do this form of exercise once you are familiar and accustomed to both the intensity and form. Build up slowly over the weeks and remember that this is an advanced, intense form of training that needs experience and climbing history. Find out more about our Lattice Training Plans here: Download the Crimpd App: App store - Google Play -

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