My first 5.14a! Galactic Emperor Ten Sleep Wyoming

19th October 2021
19th Oct 2021

So many thank you’s to the companies who sponsored this video! It’s not the easiest, most stable life path I’ve chosen, so I’m that much more grateful for their support on this project. Check them out! Gnarly Nutrition: Boulder Denim: (use the discount code ANNA14A for 15% off your next purchase! Valid until 9/30/21) Kanga Climbing: Wild Country: Easy Expense: ***STICKER GIVEAWAY DETAILS*** Zoë (@coolcool_nicenice_) makes the COOLEST STICKERS right??? Link to my Patreon: $5-$9 patrons will receive a pink Crush the Patriarchy sticker $10-$14 patrons will receive a holographic Crush the Patriarchy sticker $15+ will receive a completely random sticker and a personal thank you postcard (maybe I’ll even write a poem!) from wherever I happen to be in the world at that time Giveaway is for patrons who sign up in month of August, 2021, only. Current patrons can also get stickers if they land/upgrade to these categories! If you want to support my unconventional life, my (hopefully budding) filmmaking career, more representation for queer BIPOC ladies in the outdoor community, AND want exclusive content and early access to my content... those are some other good reasons to join my Patreon I’m really proud of this video. I feel like I’ve come a long way— still have a lot to learn but am excited for the future, in both film making and rock climbing haha. Alright, enough words for me! Be sure to subscribe and see ya later 

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